So back when Rob Liefeld was doing his Brigade kickstarter, there was a reward perk where if you contributed $1000 to the campaign, he’d draw a cover for your comic. I emailed him about it and asked if this would be a good way to get noticed by Image. As in, if I made the pledge and got the cover, would he show the comic to Image or even get it printed under his label. He got back to me and made it clear that no he couldn’t just print some random guy’s comic (I did link him my stuff but he was probably too preoccupied at the time to give it a look), but that by having his cover on the submission I was more likely to get noticed. So, I declined after thanking him for his time.

In hindsight, I feel bad for asking him to go to bat for me in exchange for contributing a small portion to his final total, especially since it was pretty unprofessional to do that. But hey, if I’m going to give someone a grand, I want a guarantee it’ll be worth it.