So I thought about making this post earlier but thought I should wait until today’s page.

Since the soft reboot that started with Fer coming on board, every character has been, in some way, inspired or based on a person I knew. Fer and David, obviously on us with some key differences, Alice was originally introduced because I had a girlfriend at the time I started the strip, and then kept her around for the dynamic. Mike was a combination of two editors I’ve worked with. Julia is a PG version of a writer friend who has a wealth of model stories and a mouth so dirty Tarantino would be shocked. Chloe was inspired by a weird first date I felt I had to put in the strip. Greg and Vanessa are multiple people I’ve known, both personally and through industry gossip, who had too much ambition with too little resources and no one to say no.

Molly is also a combination of people. Me, some people I knew, and a bunch of horror stories I’ve heard online. She’s someone who just gets shit on constantly. For some reason people ignore her or put her second, but it’s always unconsciously and never meant with malice. Because she’s meek and rarely stands up for herself, people always assume she’s willing to go with whatever and when she does reach her limit, she’s brushed aside because she’s gotten to a point where she’s so used to being disregarded she takes it as inevitable.

Her flinching whenever someone calls out to her was from a friend of an ex who acted like that any time he heard his name. He used to get yelled at by his teachers and parents for any odd behaviours caused by his autism. Her skills with art and props come from stories of people fighting depression by just burying themselves in their work. And her mother favouring Chloe comes from an ex I’m glad didn’t last long who played favourites with her nephews very openly. Not being outright hostile, just showering one in presents and junk food while the other got his basic needs and proper discipline.

I think she’s someone we can all recognise and empathise with, either because we’ve known someone like her or just from watching Meg get shit on constantly on Family Guy. Or maybe you are her, in which case I’m sorry to hear that.

I’m glad she’s been getting a good response and I hope that positive outlook continues later on.