Welcome to the beginning of the strips Paul Salvi drew during his time as artist.

Paul drew the strip between 2009 and 2011, departing after 300 strips to pursue his own projects. However, when we were hacked the first time, everything was wiped off the site and comicpress was giving me issues whenever I tried to upload them on the dates they first appeared back in 09. I was going to upload them backwards since that worked for Fer’s pages but uploading 300 strips in reverse order was a daunting task so I kept putting it off. So a few months back I took a page from the book of David Willis, who is re-uploading Roomies! one strip a day until the archive is finished with commentary on how embarrassed he is by his old work.

This means LWI is updating daily with those old strips.

As for Fer’s pages? Well he and I are working on something else we want to submit to a publisher, plus he has other projects eating up his time, so the pages aren’t coming out as quickly as I would like for a webcomic. So tomorrow I’m going to upload the strips he’s done already and the rest we’re going to save for the print collection, which should be available in a couple of months.

I hope you stick around for longer. And please check out my other comics Domain Tnemrot and Gemini Storm.

~ David