Guess what Tnemrot fans, I’m finally updating the tumblr again. One page a day until all 24 chapters are loaded. Or, you can buy the books at Comixology or Indyplanet. And while there, why not check out what else I’ve got.

So, we’re finally here at the end. Originally, volume three wasn’t supposed to be the last one, I even had chapter thirteen written and was making plans for volume five, when a thought occurred to me a few months back when we started updating regularly again. Should I keep going? I wanted to, believe me, I still love making this series and if money was no option I’d give Fer whatever he asked for and would even bring in a colourist to help out. But, I realised that there was no way this comic was going to make its money back and maybe it was time to bow out. It’s not any one person’s fault, a combination of a lack of updates, site down times and lack of advertising chased off the small audience we were growing, and while I would never remove them, even I have to admit the early pages are not that great. And the webcomic game is very different from when I started this comic twelve years ago.

With this in mind, I messaged Fer about adding on a four page epilogue to the already longer than normal chapter and he agreed. I’ll go further into this in another blog post, but the epilogue is pretty much what volume four was meant to be (David and Molly’s conversation was actually the first page) and I thought tied a neat little bow on everything.

Will we come back? Maybe someday. After all, Treading Ground is coming back after a ten year hiatus. I’m still holding out hope of doing the second phase of Tnemrot that I had planned since the beginning, and I know how I’d bring back LWI if I could. But in the meantime, this is the end.

As for me, I’m working on some new projects. Fer is currently busy with freelance work but when he gets the chance, we’ll throw something together and maybe kickstart it. Also, my next project, I’m going to wait until I have at least a forty page buffer before I start uploading the comic online.

But before I go, I’d like to say thank you to everyone. To the people who read the comic with ad block disabled when we had ads, to the people who bought copies of the book either online or at cons, to the people who shared the comic around, and to the people who just read Living With Insanity and enjoyed it. And as always, I’m especially grateful to Paul Salvi and Fer Galicia for their tireless efforts to make this comic as great as it was.

Until next time, take care