I had about five different ways I wanted to do this. Most of them involved the cast basically ignoring Mike, or him begging to stay longer and then David having to force him out. But I didn’t like the idea of these people being so mean to a guy who, while he may or may not have deserved it depending on your views, was now unemployed and homeless. So originally I just wrote Mike packing up and going once everyone was gone for the day, doing a sad tour of the office with a few flashbacks to some old pages, before leaving his keys on the reception desk and heading out the door, never to be seen again. No goodbyes, not even a warning, the last page of the chapter would be David coming in and realising he was gone.

I almost sent the finished chapter to Fer when I realised that didn’t sit right with me either. So I wrote the farewell you see now. It feels better. No harsh feelings, both of them acknowledging the good and the bad, while parting with a friendly handshake. I like it better. What do you think?