And this is why you always make sure you know all the details of the job before you say yes. Though it’s hilarious he thought those two would actually create a storyboard.

I have some sad news for anyone who read my other comic book, Gemini Storm. Last week the artist and co-creator, Harrison Wood, passed away. I don’t have much to say, I prefer to keep this sort of thing private, but there is a fundraiser set up to help his family with the medical bills. All I will say is I’m sorry to see him go, he was a great guy. A lot of fun to work with and also talk to. I’m going to get the last of his Gemini Storm issues lettered (There were issues with the colourist but he had drawn up to issue ten) and then put them up for free on Comixology so that at least his work will still be out there for everyone to see.

Goodbye Harrison, you were taken way too soon.

Onward and upward.