Okay, it’s time to say what’s going on.

First off, I’d like to apologise for not saying anything for so long. We thought we’d have the next update (A double page spread) by now but Fer keeps getting swamped with other work and, well, that takes priority since he has a family to look after. While he has been doing bits and pieces, realistically LWI may not come until June or July.

But we did realise there was something else we could do so that there are still updates.

You may recall, back in volume 2 we had two intermissions for other possible projects, Ethereal High and Eternal Midnight. We’re doing something similar now, called Apartment 12. Instead of full page, it’ll be similar to the three or four panel strips that Paul and I used to do way back in the day, making things quicker and easier for Fer to draw, something that would only take an hour or so instead of a full day. That way while he’s busy with other stuff, the site can become active again until the comic can come back.

And rest assured, it will come back.

Again, apologies for all the delays and thank you for being patient and sticking around.