So we’ve just finished the longest arc in the Living With Insanity archive. How did you guys enjoy it?

In retrospect it’s not as bad as I remember. Though it was updating only twice per week when I did this initially. However near the end of the cult bit I got bored with writing it and so it ended up being shorter than it was meant to be. There was supposed to be one more fight but that didn’t happen because I just wanted to be done with it.

So if I didn’t enjoy it, why right it? Well I was writing by the seat of my pants, only sending two pages to Paul per week because that was all that was required. With most arcs I sent the whole thing or at least half of it, except for Locked Out. The second reason is that I wanted to experiment with the 22 page issue format, which I’ve used for the strips with Fer.

I might have mentioned this before, but at one point Paul suggested to me that we should pitch a new LWI miniseries to Image Comics, which was sort of a reboot. However neither of us could agree on how to start it, but I did like the idea of the mini-series and wanted to see if a 22 page story would work. And, well, it didn’t because I didn’t do it properly. I had the barest of plans and no real clue for what I wanted to do. And Paul was preparing to leave so it was probably the worst time to start experimenting.

But when it came time for the chapter format with Fer, I had figured out how to do it properly by allowing smaller arcs in an overall story. So I guess this did teach me what I needed to know.