Okay, I need to get the first panel out of the way. It comes off as me crying against misandry, but I was going for straw feminists. I’ve just always found it annoying when guys try to write strong female characters and then we get women like Deborah from the later seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond. A supposed strong woman who will bitch out her husband for not fighting her battles for her. I think they were trying to recreate Monica from Friends, able to stand up for herself but still had her own issues thanks to a lifetime of her parents clearly favouring her brother and being overweight as a child. However her neuroses did not define her and you were more likely to see her acting as the responsible one rather than lashing out as Ross. And when that happened, it was more general sibling rivalry.

I used to watch a lot of sitcoms as a teenager.

As for the third panel, I did a few years of food tech at school so I get aggravated every time I see a cooking show host cut meat on a wooden board. The juice seeps into the wood and causes bacteria, which will infect your food later on. It was one of the first things they ever taught us about hygiene after making sure everything is well washed.