So as many of you have noticed I don’t blog that often. It’s mostly because I forget about it but the other main point is I just don’t have much to say that’s new that I think you guys would care about. Otherwise it’d just be “Books are still for sale, welcome new readers, job was same old, same old,” every week. Or me talking about the comics I read (Got Lazarus Volume 2 today. Great series, go check it out). My life’s been boring since my last break up.

I used to blog more, the old site before the wipe had a number of posts, but I recently read a few old ones and realised how bad I am at conveying my opinion. And it’s gotten me into trouble in the past. Hell, once or twice I’ve sent questions to people on tumblr, but when I read the answer I realise what I asked sounds nothing like what I meant, so the other person usually doesn’t give an answer to what I wanted to know. And I’ve written columns before, only to immediately want to go back and start from scratch because I realised how I should have phrased something.

And I know I’m not the only one who does this. I’ve seen other famous folks online receive negative feedback to blogs and comics, only to lash out at the commenter that they live in a fantasy world. But when you read the original post, you can tell where the comments are coming from. Usually that reaction is just from the author not wanting to admit they screwed up though, but sometimes you get an apology or edit.

So, rather than make an idiot out of myself, I’ve decided I should keep quiet unless I’m absolutely certain about what I’m saying. I’d rather spend the time used typing up these words trying to make a better comic.

Because after all, that’s why you guys are here.

Hope all is well with you.